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Area cleaning services
Windows washing is the job required in every house. Everyone washes the windows in their apartments at least twice a year. We are aware that windows washing from the outer side represents a certain risk. Such a risk is considerably increased if the window ais several times bigger than the window area of the standard apartment.  It is possible that the entire building wall is one huge window, such as the case with atrium. In that case it is impossible to stand on the lower part below the window or on the stool in order to wash the glass. In majority modern buildings, nowadays the windows are built in with limited mobility of window frames, windows which cannot be opened and decoratively glassed facades. In that case wglass washing is possible only from the facade side and „ Urban Alpinism“ will help you to solve that. Frequently, it is difficult to reach the ceiling from the ladder or an elevator in the buildings having tall ceiling. In that case, the assistance can be given by the  alpinists from our company „ Urban Alpinism“. Lowering via ropes from the building roofs, they will wash your windows at any place, even at inaccessible places by method of industrial alpinism!

Methods of industrial alpinism have greater mobility than auto-baskets. By such methods it is possible to perform washing of inaccessible places. Washing of interior glass is performed  from the mobile rack and the methods of industrial alpinism render the possibility of good insurance against safety.

The special washing and cleaning means are used in order to wash the glass well, which do not leave any stains and which do not allow dusting of the washed area for a longer period of time.

Influence of hte environment has an enormous influence on the facade. Our company
„ Urban Alpinism“  recommends qualified services for washing of windows on heights, for elimination of any sort of dirt from the facade. Window washing is possible in business centers and in private houses (washing in apartments,  collective accomodation centers ).


1. Glass washing
We render the following services for companies :
Single washing of outside and interior glass
Maintenance of buildings during any period of time with periodic glass washing

2. Facade washing
-with high pressure machines

3.Cleaning of versatile constructions




Glass washing