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Water-proofing of cellars

In each building, any accessible areas should be used in the most rational manner. It is not a coincidence that lately, even the premises which were traditionally empty, are rennovated and people give them a new application. In the private houses, such opportunities are used more frequently as construction of a house requires huge monetary means and everyone wants to make the utmost benefit out of it.

The house cellar is practically another floor which one cannot do without. Therefore, it is no wonder that this is exactly the place to which its owners devote their attention primarily. Nevertheless, due to the mistakes in the house designing and various other factors, cellar can be damp which impedes its use. In that case the``Urban Alpinism `` company will render its assistance to you. The cellar water-proofing, which we are going to perform, will allow you its full use for any purpose.
If it is impossible to perform the cellar water-proofing due to the built infrastructure around the object or due to any other reason, there is a possibility that only interior works are sufficient. The `` Urban Alpinism`` company will come to the site, it will perform required measures for the cellar drying and will prevent further water penetration. At the beginning, the source of water entrance or water filtration will be determined, after which the appropriate cellar hydro insulation will be performed. There are usually  several sources of water, athmospheric sediment, seasonal water diffusion or high elevation of ground water.  All of them have a different influence on the cellar construction and each source of humidity has a special approach for creation of hydro insulation.
„Urban Alpinism“ will perform the cellar hydro insulation using the most modern polymeric materials, the toughness and resistance of which to wear are certified by certificates and proven through the time. Beside the safe hydro insulation, they improve the thermal insulation properties of the cellar walls. After such wall processing in the cellar premises all types of final works can be made in relation to their purpose. Under the normal humidity regime, you will not have any problems with quick destruction of the final wall processing and no repeated repair is needed.  Hydro insulation of cellars is a quick and comfortable way to increase the useful area of the house with no big investments.