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Water-proofing of foundation
Building of the foundation starts from detailed soil research on the spot where the building should be commenced. Not only the soil composition but also its compactness is analyzed as well as presence of any ground water and its depth. Based on such data, the foundation calculation is being made, which is required for the object building. One of the conditions for hardness and longevity of the construction and maintenance of pleasant climate in the object is absence of moisture, i.e. a good water-proofing of the foundation. High level of ground water, increase of the riverbed during seasonal melting of snow or simply big athmospheric falls can cause penetration of water into the building. The foundation macerated by water is subject to its damage and the huge humidity brings to creation of mould and yeasts on the building construction. There is only one solution to such situation– creation of safe protection against the water penetration. The ``Urban Alpinism`` company will help you to solve such problems with the assistance of modern materials. ``Urban Alpinism` will make water-proofing of your foundation and cellars in any stage of construction of your object – at the beginning of works, during the construction process, even on already built object.  In any above stated case, no building construction change is required, instead, work is maintained after a simple and accessible application. The essence of such work consists of creation of hydro insulation layer made of special materials, which prevents penetration of of humidity inside the foundation and inside the premise. Work is performed quickly and the efficiency of foundation hydro insulation is checked in the last ten years during the building exploitation under the condition of permanent ever increasing humidity regime. Our company uses the most up to date technology and materials. The foundation water-proofing is a condition for safety of your home,a  guarantee against humidity, yeasts and harmful bacteria. We will take away your concern about the condition of your house foundation and we will bring convenience and comfort to your home.