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Water-proofing of roofs

One of the problems in the old approach to building is the quality of the roofs water-proofing. Meter bitumen materials, which were used before, are obsolete nowadays both morally and technically. They do not suit requirements  of safety and longevity. The roof cover made of bitumen paper on organic basis needs to be renewed every 2-3 years, and the modern bitumen paper on synthetic basis needs to be renewed every 5 years. Sutiability of application of such materials with today’s modern technologies creates a great doubt.
The „Urban Alpinism“ company will make water-proofing of your roof with modern method and will release you from worries about the condition of your roof for a longer period of time. Our method of roof protection is a quick and effective creation of of new hermetic roof covering or renewal of old roofs without demounting of wasted rolls of material.


Polyurethane masses

Polyurethane masses are applied directly on the roof old surface, creating an additional monolytic hermetic roof coverage of 1 to 3 mm thickness.  Polyurethane mass penetrates deep into the roof construction surface, as it sticks to it and therewith essentially decreases burden from wind on the roof.

Such created roof coverage with no seam provides hundred percent water-proofing even on the complicated parts of the roof, on the place of ventilation channel outlet and other constructions. It is elastic and easily endures consequences of temperature deformations of the roof, which are inevitable during the seasonal changes. Polimeric cast roof covering is resistant to influence of athmospheric falls, chemically aggressive components, ultraviolet beams and ozone.


The „Urban Alpinism“ company will also perform on your request the roof water-proofing using the meter polymer materials (membranes) PVC –nbased on the plastified polyvinil chloride and TPO-thermoplastic polyolephine with excellent physical, mechanic and chemical characteristics, which are successfully confronted to negative influence of human environment.
Membranes are easily and safely joined via hot air. Such compounds are homogenous and are not subject to chemical ageing. High elasticity, possibility of joining (welding) and resistance to frost guarantee easy mounting, practically under any weather conditions.
The extraordinary property of our works is a complex solution of the problem how to make the roof and water-proofing (on the place of joint with parapet, wall, hydro insulation of traversable belts on the roof).
Membranes are supplemented with wide diapason of accessories, including and steam buffer stop, adhesive, elements for fastening, openings, height discrepancies, plates for arrangement of traversable belts on the roof, etc.

The roof water-proofing made by our specialists, is a safe protection of your roof. Technologies and materials which we apply have successfully passed tests in various regions worldwide.