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Hermetization of joints (water-proofing of joints)
There are two ways how to make the joints hermetization: without  opening and with opening of joints. Single and dual-component hermetization mass is used for hermetization.
Thermal insulation made of penopolyethilene is put into the joint below the hermetization mass, or it is replaced by mounting foam.

Hermetization without opening of joints

Hermetization without opening of joints is usually done when the previous hermetic  is shaggy and has started to peel off due to its deteriation. Besides, a repeated hermetization usually needs to be done again  due to low quality of joint of wrong technology of depositing the hermetic mass. On that occasion, the old joint is not opened, instead, the peeled off pieces are taken down and a layer of the mass is put on top in a slighly wider layer than the old joint.

Hermetization with opening of joints

In most cases, opening of joints is necessary when it was filled with mortar during building. Due to seasonal expanding caused by temperature or settling of the building after a certain period of time, the mortar, which has no capacity of outstretching or shrinking, starts to burst, permeats moisture within the joint, which brings to creation of spots caused by moisture within the building (apartment) and freezing of walls.

Opening of joints is also necessary if a thermal insulator was not built in during the first hermetization, both partially or in whole. In that case, there will be no,  moisture in the wall but the wall will be freezing.
Opening of joints might also be necessary if holes are detected, which were created due to inprecise installation of mounting plates during building. In that case, the wall which seems well sealed, starts freezing and the place where moisture and cold are detected, is extremely difficult to eliminate. In that case, the solution is a complete opening of joints or breaking through the opening in the joint and filling of all holes with mounting foam, after which a hermetization mass is put on top.

For the investors

  1. In order to implement the joint hermetization works, you have to provide access to the roof of your building
  2. If the apartment needs to be hermetized, you have to calculate the total length of horizontal and vertical joints as well as the vertical joints of upper floor, which are connected to the joints in your apartment.
  3. In order to decrease the price of hermetization, talk to your neighbours on upper and lower floor, because frequently, water leaks on their joints as well on places close to your apartment. In that case, you will save money as hermetization of one apartment is cheaper if work is being done on two or more apartments.