Works on height


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Urban Alpinism

Industrial alpinism is a special technology for implementation of works on height on industrial, dwelling and other objects,where the work position os provided by lowering or lifting on the rope or by other methods of movement and insurance of safety in alpinism.

Thanks to its mobility and simplicity, the industrial alpinism contains a sequence of benefits in relation to traditional methods of work performance on height, it represents a profitable alternative for racks, electrical baskets, auto elevators; preparation for performance of work in the industrial alpinism lasts much less; methods of industrial alpinism render the possibility for perofrmance of works on the height on location hardly accessible, in narrow places, where other manners for work performance are impossible on heights; technologies of industrial alpinism render a possibility to perform the works with no interruption of process of production on the object.

A technique of industrial alpinism represents the best, quick and cheap way to perform such types of works and sometimes it is the only possible way.

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